"On-Site Registration" displayed after a badge is scanned

If you scan an attendee using the Qrious Lead Retrieval app and the Attendee Summary presents "On-Site Registration", don't worry - the lead is captured and you can take notes. All data will be available in your Exhibitor Control Panel.

Here's what you need to know

The first time an exhibitor installs, logs in and activates the app with a qualified event, the Qrious app downloads a small, encrypted setup file in the background.

The setup file contains an Attendee Summary (First Name, Last Name, Company) so that when a badge is scanned, the summary appears.

Because of this, the Qrious app can work completely offline and no leads or notes are ever lost. All that's required is a sync when the device has a suitable network connection.

If someone registers on-site and network connectivity is unavailable, the app will display "On-Site Registration" in the summary. 

This simply means that the device hasn't downloaded the latest version of the setup file that includes the newly added attendees.

Notes can be added to any attendee scan and they will be sync'd with the complete record that exists in our cloud. (We don't store a complete attendee record on the mobile device or in the QR code for a variety of reasons, including security.)

If this is causing some consternation, take this step to put your mind at ease.

If there is a suitable net connection, ask anyone who is troubled by the "On-Site Registration" records to exit back to the home screen ("Events") and refresh the app.

On iOS, it's a "pull-down-to-refresh" action. On Android, there is a refresh icon on the events screen.

The most recent setup file will download and all attendee summaries will be displayed.

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