How to setup your event schedule using Google Calendar

eThis article explains how to create a schedule in EventHero using Google Calendar.  You will need to be logged into Google Calendar and your EventHero Organizer Dashboard to complete these instructions.

First, load Google Calendar and Create a new Calendar with the name of your event:

Next, begin adding the event itinerary as events in your newly created calendar, paying attention to:

  • Name the events like the sessions in your event schedule, ie. Registration, Lunch, Keynote, etc...
  • Set the time accurately including the time zone
  • Indicate the location of each event in the "Where" field (this will be imported in EventHero)
  • The "Calendar" dropdown is set to the new calendar you created with your event's name

After you have added the itinerary your google calendar you are almost ready to import into EventHero:

Now, you need to publish your calendar and copy the calendar's public .ical address

First access your events settings:

Click into the "Share this Calendar" tab and make sure these two checkboxes are selected:

  1. "Share this calendar with others"
  2. "Make this calendar public"

Now, click back to the "Calendar Details" and grab the calendar's .ical address by clicking on the "ical" button and copying the address:

Now you are ready to import your schedule into EventHero. 

Log into your Event's Organizer Dashboard and go to the "Schedule" tab:

Paste your Event's Google Calendar iCal address into the Import Field and click the "Import" button and you should see your event itinerary display:

Now your event schedule has been imported into EventHero via Google Calendar

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