How do I print on the back of the badge? (A4)

This article is for organizers who are:

  • Printing their own badges using Avery L7418 (A4) paper stock
  • Would like to include a message on the back of the badge (sponsors, wifi password, etc.) 

NOTE: This template is provided as a courtesy guideline for our event organizers. We do not support this template in any way. We recommend that you work with a designer to complete your final artwork for printing.

  1. Download this template. (PDF)
  2. Create your artwork. The recommended specs are 625 pixels wide x 450 pixels tall.
  3. Insert your artwork into the template. (8 per page) Note the cut marks along the outer edge of the page. Your artwork should be centered within these boxes.
  4. Insert your Avery L7418 badge stock into your printer so that the back of the paper can be printed upon.

We recommend that you test this on regular printer paper before attempting to print this on the back of your badges.

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