Capturing leads on Blackberry and Windows Phone Devices (Video)


This will show you the process for the Qrious lead capture system using a standard QR code scanner and your smartphone web browser.

Why are we using an iPhone for this demo? Watch the video.

Blackberry: Use  QR Code Scanner Pro (free)
Windows Phone: Use   Scan
For iOS and Android devices, please visit your respective app store for the Qrious app for your device.
After you’ve installed your QR code scanner, launch the default web browser on your smartphone and go to
Tap Sign in to create an account or login.
When creating an account, use your business email address and select a memorable password.
Once logged in, enter your Exhibitor Code. The exhibitor code was sent to you via email, but will also be provided to you by the organizer when you arrived at the event.
Scan a Badge. Launch your QR code scanner app. Scan any badge. This will launch your default web browser and you will see a scan confirmation.

That’s it. Your leads are stored in the Qrious cloud for download and import into your CRM system.

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