What’s the process for ordering badges?

Quick Start:

  1. Ensure your event participant data is all synced and present in EventHero
  2. Create a badge design 
  3. Generate your Print Job
  4. Submit your Order to EventHero Supprt

The Process in Detail:

1. Get your Participant Data Ready:

The process for ordering badges begins with your event participant data. You must have all of your event participants in place in EventHero before you begin generating badge print jobs.  If you are syncing a registration system with EventHero or uploading via spreadsheet, confirm that all participants are present in the "Attendees" tab in your Organizer Dashboard.

2. Prepare a Badge Design:

Next, you must create a badge design (or, more than one). You can do this on the "Badges" tab in your Organizer Dashboard. Each badge design requires a badge header which can feature whatever graphics you desire.  

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3. Generate your Print Jobs:

To order your badges, you will need to generate "Print Jobs".  These print jobs tell our printer what data should go on the badges and what design the badges should have.  You will do that via the "Badges" tab in your Organizer Dashboard. More information on generating your badges can be found in the related articles below.

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4. Submit your Print Order to EventHero:

After your Print Jobs have been generated, you need to tell us exactly what you would like to have printed. To do this, send an email to EventHero Support indicating the specific Print Job numbers that you need printed along with the delivery location and desired delivery date.  We will package your data and art and send the order to our preferred printing vendor on your behalf.  Print Job numbers can be found at the far left of the "Print Jobs" section in the "Badges" tab.

Your email should be sent to support@eventhero.io and contain:

  • Your event name
  • A list of Print Jobs with Print Job # and Name
  • Any specific instructions regarding sorting or anything else
  • Your delivery location and desired delivery time


Please submit my badge order for EventHero EventTech 2015:

Print Jobs:

Job #4 - Attendee Badges
Job #7 - Sponsor Badges
Job #8 - Staff Badges

Notes:  Please sort the badges by Last Name

To be delivered by Wednesday, January 18th 2014 to:
Marriot Marquis New York
1535 Broadway
New York, NY
(212) 398-1900
Hold for: Todd Hamilton

5. Approve and Pay:

After our printing vendor receives the order, they will send you a .pdf proof of your badges and your printing cost estimate. You must approve the proof and provide payment at that time.


When does my badge order need to be submitted? - Ideally your badge order will be submitted at least 96 hours before you need to receive delivery of your badges to allow time for any potential issues that could come up and for shipping time. 

Ok, but really, how late can I order my badges and still get them before my event? - The absolute minimum turn around time including delivery (overnight) is 72 hours. We will be unable to process your badge order if you require delivery in less time than 72 hours.

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