How to Set Up and Manage Notifications

1. Get Access:

Go to: and look on the right side of the screen for the “Get Access” box:


Enter your Email address in the box, and click the “Get Access” button.  Then check that email for your “Password Update” mail.

Click the link in that email, it will bring you to a password update screen, enter your password twice:

Screenshot 2014-06-19 10.21.43.png

After you click “Change my password” you will be logged in and brought to the “My Events” screen, click the name of your event:

Screenshot 2014-06-19 10.23.05.png

You will arrive on the “Attendee Tools” screen.

Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.20.32.png

When you first arrive on this screen you will see there is “No activity yet”, that is because we have yet to follow any attendees and/or the event has not started.

2. Set Notifications and Settings:

EventHero can send you notifications whenever the Attendees you are following are checked into the event, or into a particular session.  You have control over how you are sent these notifications, and where they are sent.

To set up your notifications, click the “Notification Settings” Tab:

Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.25.05.png

On this screen you can choose whether you’d like to receive notifications by SMS, Email or both. You can also control which SMS number or email address those notifications go to.

Set your SMS notifications by typing your phone number in the SMS Notifications box and clicking “Update”:

Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.25.37.png

to delete this phone number, just clear the SMS notifications field and click “Update” again”.

The Email Notifications box works the same way, if you clear the field and and click “Update”, you will see that Email Notifications are no longer available.

Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.25.16.png

Here is what this screen looks like with both phone number and email address set:

Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.26.10.png

When do you want to receive notifications?

Look for the section titled “When to send notifications” and set when and how you’d like to be notified.

To receive a notification when an attendee you follow arrives at the event, click the method, SMS or Email, that you’d like to receive this update to “On”

To receive a notification when an attendee you follow check into a session at the event, click the method, SMS or Email, that you’d like to receive this update to “On”

To disable either notification, click the SMS or Email method buttons to “Off”:

Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.25.47.png

3. Find and Follow Attendees:

Now we need to find some attendees to follow and receive notifications about. To do this, click on the “Explore Attendees” tab. You will see of all attendees registered for this event.

Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.20.46.png

You can search for attendees in various ways like:

  • by Name
  • by Company Name
  • by Title

Here are results screens for some different searches:

Company Name:

Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.23.34.png


Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.24.04.pngAfter you find the Attendee you wish to follow, just hit the “Follow” button to the right of their information:


Thats it, you are set up and will receive notifications for the Attendees you are following.

To view who you are currently following, click the “Following” Tab:

Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.24.44.png

To “Unfollow” an Attendee, click the “Following” button to the right of their name:

Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.24.57.png

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