How do I sign up for my Qrious Lead Retrieval Service?

If you are an exhibitor at an event you will be receiving a formal invitation e-mail from the event organizer. Until you receive your invite e-mail, you can feel free to browse through our documentation to familiarize yourself with Qrious.

Here's a sample email so that you know what to expect:

The organizer of <Event Name> has invited you to participate in the smartphone lead retrieval service so you can capture, qualify and follow-up on leads faster and easier than ever before.
Your Next Steps
  1. Download the Qrious Mobile app for your phone:
  2. Open the app, and sign-up with your business email address: <>
  3. Choose a password
  4. Tap the [+] icon on the Events screen and enter this code: <code>
<code> is your Exhibitor Code. It can be used by any member of your team to join the event and collectively capture leads.
To download your team's aggregated leads, visit Login with your email address and password, select , then select the Leads tab.

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